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Vanity Fair Print : Mr. Frank Matcham 1911

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Vanity Fair Print : Mr. Frank Matcham

Dated : July 5th 1911

The Caption Reads "Architect Matcham"

Generally all our prints are always in good condition. Remember these are antique prints though and may or may not have minor imperfections. There will however be NO major problems that we will not mention. The image shown is the actual print so please view scan carefully.

There is slight surface colour loss that barely detracts. Please check out the image of the actual print.

Print comes matted/mounted and back. This can be changed.

Price has been adjusted to reflect any of these minor issues. This is a rare print.

With a copy of the original Biography issued with the print.

All Items are returnable within 5 days of delivery, in the condition shipped, providing adequate notification is given. Buyer pays shipping and handling.

We sell only Original Antique Vanity Fair Prints

Print comes with a copy of the original bio issued at the same time of the print and a certificate of authenticity.


Though we charge $10.00 for international shipping within the UK the cost of shipments from the USA to other locations outside North America is $22.50 which is USPS standard airmail rate. If needed an additional payment invoice may be sent to cover this.


See Listing Details, or Ask Seller for more information.


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Vanity Fair Print : Mr. Frank Matcham 1911

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