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The World Supplement Print: Mr Cyril Maude 1909/1910

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The World Supplement Print of Mr Cyril Maude   Almost all the 1st series of these prints were dated between 1909 and 1910   The subjects name is in the bottom border   For a couple of years Spy and other artists worked for the Edmund Yates periodical "The World". We have therefore included some of these prints on our site as an addition to the Vanity Fair prints   To view all â??The Worldâ? prints we have at this time please click here: THE WORLD SUPPLEMENTS   Generally all our prints are always in good condition. Remember these are antique prints though and may or may not have minor imperfections. There will however be NO major problems that we will not mention.. The image shown is the actual print so please view scan carefully. visible. All Items are returnable within 5 days of delivery, in the condition shipped, providing adequate notification is given. Buyer pays shipping and handling. You may make payment via our secure server from checkout. or if you prefer   WE ACCEPT VISA / MC BY PHONE ON THE NUMBER BELOW. We also accept Paypal  Our email address for our Paypal account is:accounts@vanityfairprints.netWe are happy to answer any questions or queries regarding The World Prints even if they are not ours. Remember we deal only in Vanity Fair Prints and some of the prints by the artists that worked for Vanity Fair. We have an extensive knowledge of what we are dealing in.


Though we charge $10.00 for international shipping within the UK the cost of shipments from the USA to other locations outside North America is $22.50 which is USPS standard airmail rate. If needed an additional payment invoice may be sent to cover this.


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The World Supplement Print:  Mr Cyril Maude 1909/1910

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